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LTC Photography Limited is a Professional Portrait, Wedding and Framing Service based in Ashton Under-Lyne. All our staff are DBS Checked and we are a fully insured company

Meet the Team

Luke Tetlow-Cross

Multi-Award Wedding Photographer

(Bark Wedding North West Wedding Photographer or the Year 2018, 2019 & 2020 | Top 3 Photographers by Three Best Rated)

My journey as a photographer started in product photography for a rope manufacturer, which became a hobby and grew into a passion. From there I purchased my first semi-pro camera and was loving taking photos of my children, landscapes and anything I could see. 

In 2014 I gained my Diploma in photography and did my first paid christening job in Feb 2015. It skyrocketed from there and have been doing weddings and portrait photography since. In August 2017, I was proud to turn my business into a limited company and in June 2018, I took the plunge and decided to open LTC Photography Studios which is a purpose-built studio to cater for all types of studio based photography. In 2020, I decided to focus the business in Wedding Photography and closed the studio down.

I strive hard to provide the most creative method of approach regardless of whichever event I am shooting. I encourage a friendly, relaxed, supportive and understanding environment which enables me to achieve natural shots that speak volume of every moment of your event.


Claire Tetlow-Cross

My photography journey started as strictly part of the support team.  Primary duties for me began as setting up the equipment and posing and changing newborn babies.

It turns out I have a serious aptitude for taking pictures of things.  I specialise in landscapes, trees and detail work such as flowers and jewellery.

I support Luke as an assistant photographer when needed and manage the day-to-day activities of the business.

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