How to choose the right Wedding Photographer

September, 14th 2017 / Posted by Luke

Choosing the right photographer is a very important step in the wedding planning process.


This person is not only going to capture your special day but they are going to document all the hard work you have put into the details of the wedding such as placement cards, wedding favours and table centrepieces


The best way to know if your wedding photographer is the best fit for you is to interview them.


Here are some things you should find out about your photographer.


How many weddings have they done / how long have they been doing wedding photography


It is really important to find out how long they have been in the business of wedding photography.


Now don’t get me wrong, every photographer has to start somewhere. I started in wedding photography in 2015, I had a couple of lenses and the night before my first wedding, I didn’t sleep worrying if I will or won’t do a good job. 


However, I made my first few customers know my experience level. I found that if I was honest with my clients, I gained trust which gave me confidence. To this day I still tell my clients how long I have been doing the job and how many weddings I have done this year or last year. 


The photographer needs to be honest with you and the level of experience because without this information you can make a judgement if they are the right fit for you and if you are getting the best value of money.


Do they have a portfolio of work?


Photography is very subjective, so one person’s taste is different to another. Does their style and portfolio of work match your expectations. Sometimes they may show you something that you didn’t expect but gives you better ideas on how you want your photos to look.


What type of style of photographer are they


There are many different styles of photography out there e.g candid photography, photo journalistic, traditional etc.


It needs to match your vision and your expectation. I went to a friend’s wedding and the photographer had a style of photography which my friend didn’t like and she was very disappointed which the end result.


So who was at fault?


The answer was both, My friend should have done some research into the style of photography that this photographer did and the photographer should had been more vocal about his work rather expecting people just to look at his website.


What packages do they offer / can they be tailored made packages?


One thing I have learnt in this business that everyone needs are different and there is not one package that suits all. Find out what packages they offer, how many hours does each package offer and does it fit in with the flow of your wedding. If the packages don’t, do they offer a custom package where you can choose the hours, books, extras that you want. This option may cost you more but you will be confident that you are getting exactly what you want.


Are they insured?


Another biggy, I have heard so many stories where guest have got hurt due to tripping on the photographer’s equipment or the photographer not turning up due to sickness and to find out that they are not insured and it has ruined they big day.


A serious Photographer will know that things can occasionally go wrong and having insurance will not only protect the photographer but it will protect their clients.


Amateur or Professional Make sure they have insurance


How far do they travel?


I had an old work colleague who hired a photographer to capture there day, they spoke to the client and assumed that they would travel to their wedding which was in wales. 


They paid the deposit only to find that he wouldn’t travel and refused to pay the deposit back as it was in his terms and advised the couple that they should have read the T&Cs. To be honest this is poor practice for a photographer however it is always worth asking the question because if you wedding is not local to the photographer they may have mileage charges that you need to be aware of. Find out and see if it works within your budget.


Do they have any recommendations?


Read recommendations, find out if they have a Facebook page or a google page that have reviews. Knowing more about your photographer will give you more confidence. It has been known that 88% of people look at reviews when purchasing a service (


What extras do they have, can they show you some examples?


Lots of photographers have different extras such as wedding albums, personalised USB’s, Prints and more. Finding out about extras is always helpful because you get to discover products that you would normally think of and will make the final service a better experience. 


Always meet with your photographer and ask them before hand to show some examples books or products. You will be able to see the quality of the product and make a sound investment.



I hope you find this blog informative and I wish you the best of luck finding your perfect photographer.



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