Michael & Paige Super Hero Wedding at Pinewood Hotel in Stockport

July, 16th 2017 / Posted by Luke

I love being a part of my bride and grooms days, and I’m honoured to be included, but Paige and Michael Snaden are truly a couple after my own heart – my first superhero themed wedding.


As soon as I had my first consultation with them I knew this was going to be something special, and I was not disappointed. I rocked up to their home in Stockport to do bridal prep with Paige and if I thought I was going to be excited, I had nothing on their beautiful little daughter who could not be more excited to see mummy having her makeup done, even if it did make it interesting for the makeup artist!


And if anyone has any doubts about what superhero brides wear, I can confirm it is a red velvet cape, although they do have to fight their super-babies for the tiara.

Preparing for the ceremony at Stockport Town Hall, I got to see the super-groom in his finest Captain America tie, matching perfectly with his groomsmen in their superhero ties. Capturing their ceremony where everything was tied together, from Paige’s silver dress, to the bridesmaids in their red dresses, to the superhero cushion which held the wedding rings.


From there it was onwards and upwards the Pinewood Hotel in Cheshire where we have the more traditional wedding photography, not to be left out though, I donned my Deadpool hat whilst I snapped the formals.


Going on to snapping the speeches and I found myself in stitches. Michael may have made a rookie error in choosing friends he has known since he was a kid to be his groomsmen, I’m not sure he anticipated them pulling out old childhood photos on his wedding day. I thought I was a photographer, but I was given a run for my money by his long hair and Metallica T-Shirts

Just as I started to think the day had reached its peak came one of my favourite moments of every wedding, the cutting of the cake and the first dance. Their half and half cake was a sight to behold, with the Deadpool and Harley Quinn adorning the back, and perfect models of Paige and Michael on the top, and there was no room for doubt about Paige making her mark.


Their first dance created some amazing moments that I had the privilege of capturing, before smoothly transitioning into the romance of the Deadpool rap.


Guys, I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I enjoyed capturing it, and I can’t wait to see you again in November your New Born shoot! (nudge, nudge, hint, hint)


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